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About Me

Hi my name is Belinda Foley, I live on Foley Farm which is a 6000 acre working sheep and cattle farm in country NSW near the little town of Crookwell. I am married to my cowboy husband Ben and have two young son’s Bryce and Angus.

My dream was always to live on a farm, to be a mum and to live a self sufficient and sustainable lifestyle! Well I was able to achieve my first dream 11 years ago  when I met Ben and even though I was an older mum (I had my boys at 41 and 44) I was lucky enough to achieve my second dream. The self sufficient and sustainable lifestyles are still a work in progress. On the farm we provide all our own meat, milk, eggs and honey and some of our fruit and veg. I am also working towards going plastic free, although not always viable, I do like to reuse as much as possible.


Trying to achieve self sustainability, in 2014 I started keeping bees. It was just a natural progression to start making all my own natural products, after all now I produced one of the key ingredients – beeswax. I started by investigating ingredients in everyday products, after all in my previous life I had achieved a Bachelor of Science degree and had worked as a Forensic Investigator for over 10 years, so you could say that investigating products was in my DNA! Anyway after investigating everyday products I concluded that most products are made up of chemicals that most people don’t know what they are for or even if they are harmful. They just have to trust these big companies that they are putting people before profit.

Well I don’t trust these big companies, they are getting so far away from natural ingredients that it’s getting hard to recognise any ingredients in their products. So I started making my own products, sourcing quality raw, natural ingredients after all I wanted only the best for myself, family and friends. It didn’t take long before my family and friends started coming out of the wood work! It seemed everyone wanted my homemade products, so I decided to start making them for everyone to enjoy!

I still make all my products by hand on my farm and put my love and care in every batch! Everyone of my products has had a lot of research and testing done. If my testers don’t absolutely love the product then I don’t make it any more!

My products are all palm oil free as I don’t believe in the sustainability of this product. It goes against my principles of having a soft impact on the earth!

I also make my products at affordable prices, after all this is not one of those big companies that puts profit first! My main mission is to help everyone achieve a healthier lifestyle and to make sustainability more affordable so more people will do it!

As for the bee products that I sell but don’t make myself, well what can I say but I’ve beecome bee crazy! I’m known as Beelinda Queen Bee! Some of the bee themed items I designed and others were things I just loved so I thought I would offer them to all the other bee lovers out there.

Well I hope you enjoy the products I offer as much as I do! I would love to hear about your experience with my products so please leave a review.

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Beelinda's Bee Hive

Beelinda’s Bee Hive