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Homemade creams and natural products

Are you one of these people who check all the ingredients in what you eat,
drink and put on your skin? Do you like to research each ingredient to see
if it’s beneficial or detrimental? Well I do! That is why I started making all
my own natural products.

I am not trying to hide anything! So my commitment to you is that I will
list every ingredient I put in all of my products so you can do your own
research to see if these products are right for you before you commit
to buying. If there is one ingredient in a product which is not suited to
you but you love the other ingredients, just send me an email and I’ll
see if I can make you a special order, after all I make each product by
hand in small batches. Just remember to always test a new product on a small area first as everyone’s skin is different. Reactions can occur even using natural products.

I use natural raw ingredients sourced from Australia as much as
possible. Sometimes these ingredients melt or separate, they are still
good to use, just keep them in a cool environment and give them a
shake or mix. I hope you love these products as much as I do.

Let me know what you think by writing a review!

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